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Forever Romances: A Report of Love by Eva Rutland - 1986, PB, VG, $1.75. Stacey Kendall, television reporter, is stymied by the unusual actions of star baseball player, Curt Davis; her assignment. One moment he's flirting with her outrageously then with another woman. But his interest doesn't seem to flag as he continually showers her with roses and cards. Is it all a game to him or does he mean the big league? Add to Cart



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Heartsong Books - Carrie by Carole Gift Page - 1984, PB, VG, $1.75. Her sister was married to the only man Carrie had ever loved. And now her hard-won happines was being threatened by an elusive shadow. Would she ever be able to love again? Add to Cart

Heartsong Presents - Finally Love by Jill Stengl - 1997, PB, VG, $1.75. Torn between an attractive older military man and a fellow college student, Darlene Althorp forgets to look to the One who can supply all her needs. Her immature drive for romance might ruin her chances to find the love God has planned for her all along. Add to Cart

Heartsong Presents - The Ruse by Tamela Hancock Murray - 2006, PB, E, $1.25. Katherine Jones believes in loyality, but has her doubts after best friend Miranda writes to Katherine's pen pal and enhances Katherine's talents and abilities. Now Otis is coming to Maryland with the intent to court Katherine and Miranda refuses to confess her lies. Forced into going along with the deceit, she watches while life-long friend Christopher Bagley loses faith in her honesty. Katherine may very well lose her chance at happiness forever. Add to Cart



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Serenade - In Comes Love by Mab Graff Hoover - 1983, PB, VG, $1.75. A heartbroken young woman - two handsome strangers - and the healing balm of the High Sierras. Can Misty O'Brien stop running from her past, find peace in God and love? Add to Cart

Serenade - In Comes Love by Mab Graff Hoover - 1983, PB, A, $1.25. A heartbroken young woman - two handsome strangers - and the healing balm of the High Sierras. Can Misty O'Brien stop running from her past, find peace in God and love? Add to Cart

Serenade - Love's Sweet Promise by Susan Feldhake - 1983, PB, VG, $1.75. Under a wind-swept South Dakota sky, she kept love's sweet promise. Two men are in love with the same woman. Who will she choose in faith? Add to Cart

Serenade/Saga - Call Her Blessed by Jeanette Gilge - 1984, PB, G, $1.50. All her life Emma met and conquered trouble. But she wasn't prepared to raise another chidl at age 55 and so soon after her husband's death. It is only as she herself faces death that Emma discovers the peace she has been seeking. Add to Cart

Serenade/Saga - Elizabeth of Saginaw Bay by Donna Winters - 1986, PB, VG, $1.75. Newlyweds Elizabeth and Jacob set out for the desolate area of Saginaw Bay, much to the dismay of her friends. Despite almost immediate troubles, Elizabeth and Jacob begin to see God's blessings. Saginaw Bay teaches them lessons of love and forgiveness.  Add to Cart

Serenade/Saga - Seasons of the Heart by Susan C. Feldhake - 1986, PB, G, $1.50.  On the day Alton and Sue Ellen Wheeler were wed, they stepped into a future fraught with danger and uncertainty. Life on the Illinois frontier was harsh. But their love was strong, as tenacious as the trials they would be called upon to bear. Add to Cart

Serenade/Serenata - By Love Restored by Nancy Johanson - 1985, PB, G, $1.50. She was a professional and would do the restoration work she was trained to do. If only she could restore her broken heart as easily. Add to Cart

Serenade/Serenata - Echoes of Love by Elaine Schulte - 1986, PB, G, $1.50. It's only after surrendering her life to the Lord on an exotic island in Mexico that Paula finds out what true love is. Add to Cart

Serenade/Serenata - Greengold Autumn by Donna Fletcher Crow - 1984, PB, A, $1.25. As an artist, Christine Burton understands the concept of leaving one flaw in your artwork. After all, only God is perfect. But in herself, she demands perfection. Fleeing a tempting office romance, she finds sanctuary in the primitive Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. But she can't escape God as easily and before He's done she will find the meaning of His perfect love. Add to Cart

Serenade/Serenata - Smoky Mountain Sunrise by Yvonne Lehman - 1984, PB, A, $1.25. He was king of the Smoky Mountains.  Could he rule her heart, too.  Caught in a web of deceit, Rae finds herself facing the most challenging tests of her life-as an athlete, as a woman in love, as a Christian. Add to Cart

Serenade/Serenata - Song of Joy by Elaine Schulte - 1986, PB, VG, $1.75. Mark Marston was out fo Amy's league. But destiny throws them together when he's the best man in her sister's wedding. Add to Cart

Serenade/Serenata - Thetis Island by Brenda Willoughby - 1986, PB, A, $1.25. Theresa Parker visits Thetis Island in Canada after he fiance of four years tells her it won't work. And there she meets Shawn Malone. Her fiance eventually realizes that he wants her, only for Theresa to discover that her future truly does lie in a different direction. Add to Cart

Serenade/Serenata - Windsong by Linda Herring - 1985, PB, VG, $1.75. Robert was never coming back. Could she endure life without Robert? And where was God when she needed Him most? Add to Cart

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